It's not for your mother

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A writing script for the future.

Galay is a new and easy to learn writing script that is both logographic and alphabetical.

Galay conveys the same advantages that logographic scripts do, such as higher IQ and better graphicacy, but it also has the same advantages that alphabetic scripts do; it doesn’t require rote memorization, and there is no danger of character amnesia.

In peer reviewed studies, the IQ of logograph readers is typically 5 general points higher and 15 points of spatial IQ higher than that of alphabet readers.

 Users of the logographic scripts also show more mathematical ability than alphabet readers.  

Galay Online is a cloud-based application suite that uses the Galay writing script.

With Galay Online you can learn Galay at your own pace and use it for reading books or documents, for composing a report or instant messaging a friend.

Galay Onine comes with a range of multisensory learning tools and games.  Integrated into the application is a student memory path plan which records your progress in memorizing Galay words.

Compatible for ipad, phone and desktop, there's nothing to download, and standard accounts come with 5GB of storage space for projects, media and messages for only $12 per annum.


$ 0 per annum
  • For children under 13 years of age only.  We can't offer you messaging services on FB or Twitter without the permission of your parents, but you can use our Kids Only forum and private message each other on there instead.  

  • 5 GB Storage Space


$ 0 per annum
  • Our special Lab Rat rate is for Scholars between 13-16 who participate in our completely confidential online IQ and graphicacy tests once every 6 months.  We know Galay is going to make you smarter but we want to prove it and quantify that too.  Help us to help you.
  • 5 GB Storage Space


$ 13 per annum
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced users with a limited need for storage. Convert documents up to 150 MB to Galay docs. Private message other Galay readers on Facebook, Twitter or Google.
  • 5 GB Storage Space


$ 36 per annum
  • For advanced users who require extra storage space. Convert documents up to 500 MB to Galay docs. Message other Galay readers on Facebook, Twitter or Google.
  • 20 GB Storage Space


The Galay Investment Group

Galay Online is brought to you by the Galay Investment Group; investing in our childrens future.

Bethsheba Ashe

Project Manager

Bethsheba invented the Galay script in 2014 after a period of extensive research into the history of the alphabet and the Seven Palaces.  When she's not coding websites she enjoys writing books (see Amazon) and taking photos of the Poconos.

Michael Smith

Special Needs Liason Officer

Michael is a Musician, Producer and Artist. He has orchestrated and produced for The Northern College of Contemporary Dance U.K and has spent over a decade as a professional session musician working in London and Europe. Michael has a deep interest in human communication, ancient & modern. 

Lynne Brydon

Business Mensch

Because everyone needs a batty business mensch.

Inspirational Kitty

General solar adoration duties

An expert in time management and accounting systems, Kitty keeps us on the right side of the corn gods and other pagan dieties.